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Make Up

Make Up is so personal, it’s sometimes difficult to give advice. I personally love bright colours for summer even though I am blond, the brighter the better as its a pick me up during the beautiful warm weather.

Here are just a few examples of lip products that are perfect. Maybelline Vivid Hot Lacquer in shades 60 Tease for a lovely natural look, Shade 64 Unreal for that caramel look & then shade 68 Sassy for that fabulous evening wear when you want to dazzle. I like the curved lip applicator made it so easy to apply. Its not sticky which is nice & found that the product is long lasting however fades slightly after a good few hours.


Loreal Lip Paint Matt, love that its matt in shades 202 King Pink a bright pink, shade 204 Red Actually & shade 205 Apocalypse Red. Usually matt lip products feel very dry, I find this product comfortable & at the same time long lasting. I find that the the shades are bold, although I did have to re-apply after eating. The colour selection is good & I found the product to be comfortable to wear.

Maybelline Master Blush is a wonderful palette of 4 shades, 3 blush colours & 1 highlighter, this is great for travelling & I like the packaging. I can only describe the product as weightless which blends easily. What I like is that you can build the colour & mix & max the shades. I really enjoy that the kit has a highlighter, its long lasting & is reasonable at the same time.

There is also a Master Bronze again in 4 shades 1 of which is a highlighter.  I almost feel like using this palette on my eyes as well, very tempting. Both kits has very good instructions on the back.

Iman is an amazing brand & so exciting that’s its available at selected Red Square’s now. Although Iman is most famous for their great selection of foundations, I love the Iman Eye-Con Collection it has 4 x trio eye shadows which are all wearable & I use all 4, a Brow Pencil in shade Blackish Brown & their fabulous Eye Pencil in shade Jet Black with a pencil sharpener on the lid. The collection has a great instruction card on exactly how to apply each eye trio palette.

Iman also do a nice Luxury Lip Shimmer, Moisturising Lipstick & an Amplify Mascara all in all an interesting brand to look at. The best is that they cater for all skin shades which so many brand don’t do & I suggest the you look at the foundation types & shades.


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Gucci Guilty

Gucci Guilty Absolute for her & for him

After a successful launch of Gucci Guilty Absolute Pour Homme, Gucci launches Gucci Guilty Absolute Pour Femme Eau de Pafum.

I am really pleased that they launched a feminine version & like the scent from the minute I spray it, to when it settles down on my skin. I find that I am constantly sniffing my skin during the day when I have used the scent (this must be a good sign that I love the juice) The fragrance merges with Blackberry, Patchouli, Bulgarian Rose, Golden Wood & Bergamot. A non traditional Chypre/Fruity fragrance for a contemporary woman.

I can only describe the scent as a romantic feminine fragrance for any time of the year & for any occasion whether you are dressed up or dressed down.

Available at Edgars now & all other retailers from 19 February 2018.

30ml R995, 50ml R1 385 & 75ml R1 825

If you are looking for a woody fragrance then Gucci Guilty Absolute Pour Homme is the answer, launched last year.

This male version is bold, earthy & definitely masculine with Leather, Patchouli, Cypress Golden Wood & Vetiver. If you looking to make a statement when entering a room then try this ultra dry woody fragrance you will be pleasantly surprised.

Please let me have your thoughts once you have been in store to test the fragrance.

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Valentine’s Day suggestion

We shouldn’t wait to be romantic but we do so, here are just 2 fragrances that would make an ideal gift for the month of romance.

One of my favourite brands is Michael Kors not only for his beautiful handbags but also beautiful fragrances, here are 2 picks for the month & day of


Michael Kors Wonderlust Sensual Essence Eau de Parfum

An oriental/woody fragrance

Firstly I love the message from Michael Kors on the inside of the box

“An infinate desire for adventure romance and discovery”

Key notes of Black Cherry, Peony, Jasmine & Amber

It’s not surprising that I adore this fragrance especially as the scent has Peony. To me its almost gourmandy in a way and it’s a rich fragrance.

I would definitely wear this one in the evening.

Michael Kors Wonderlust Eau de Parfum 

An oriental/floral/gourmand fragrance

Key notes Almond Milk, Dianthus, Benzoin Siam & Sandalwood

I really like this version as well and like the Almond milk in it, I find this one slightly lighter than the Sensual Essence although an Eau de Parfum.

These Michael Kors fragrances are both fabulous for different reasons and make a great gift for the LOVE of your life.

Love the gorgeous cartons & bottles of both fragrances & must admit that I wear both scents for different occasions.

There are very few fragrances I dislike which could sound crazy but so true, have loved every minute of working in the industry.

Long may it last

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Stella McCartney Peony EDT

I find the Stella McCartney fragrances feminine & have used all the perfumes over the years. I was thrilled to receive the latest launch Stella Peony Eau de Toilette available in South Africa from January 2018.

I love the packaging from the bright poker dot box to the beautiful shaded bottle not to mention the amazing juice which suits me & the summer months. A beautiful Floral Scent, slightly woody & spiced up with black pepper, grounded cedar & patchouli. The thing I love the most is that although an EDT it has staying power as I love my fragrances to last on me.

Its not the usual floral fragrance, I find it surprisingly smooth, warm & not too sweet which is great & in a way rose like.

I love the peony flower which is only available in South Africa for a very short period only 2 to 3 weeks from around the end of October. This amazing flower can only be described as gorgeous with a beautiful smell so its not surprise that I love fragrances the has peony.

If you love floral fragrances take a look at this fabulous fragrance.