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Stella McCartney Peony EDT

I find the Stella McCartney fragrances feminine & have used all the perfumes over the years. I was thrilled to receive the latest launch Stella Peony Eau de Toilette available in South Africa from January 2018.

I love the packaging from the bright poker dot box to the beautiful shaded bottle not to mention the amazing juice which suits me & the summer months. A beautiful Floral Scent, slightly woody & spiced up with black pepper, grounded cedar & patchouli. The thing I love the most is that although an EDT it has staying power as I love my fragrances to last on me.

Its not the usual floral fragrance, I find it surprisingly smooth, warm & not too sweet which is great & in a way rose like.

I love the peony flower which is only available in South Africa for a very short period only 2 to 3 weeks from around the end of October. This amazing flower can only be described as gorgeous with a beautiful smell so its not surprise that I love fragrances the has peony.

If you love floral fragrances take a look at this fabulous fragrance.

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